Thursday, April 12, 2012

Waking Up

Spring is in full bloom here. The boys decapitated our tulips during an Easter egg hunt and brought me most of the daffodils in limp and fading fistfuls. Our beds are bare, but I'm enjoying the splashes of color in other people's yards. Maybe someday I will have a tulips of my own...with a fence around them...a high one.

With all of nature waking up and stretching toward the sunshine, it seemed as good a time as any to bring this blog out of dormancy. We are nearing the end of our sojourn in Wheaton. In just two weeks Daniel will defend his dissertation. Assuming all goes well, he will graduate in May and we will head back to Vietnam in July.

The boys are already marking our move to Vietnam in the same way that most of us mark the new year. Nathan has several resolutions. He insists that once we get back to Vietnam he won't play rough anymore and he won't demand sweet drinks. However, until we make the move both vices are in fair play.

I hope that in the coming weeks and months this blog will once again be a place for us to share our lives with you, our family and friends. We look forward to sharing snapshots of our journey "off the beaten path." Thanks for reading along.

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