Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Boy's Take on Valentine's Day

Somehow I ended up with five little boys running around our house yesterday. Two were my own, one was invited, and the other two wandered in from the neighborhood. Being surrounded by little men on Valentine's Day, I got an interesting perspective on the holiday. Here is what I could glean about a boy's take on Valentine's Day.

On a Big Date:
Nathan: "I'll get a job and work lots and lots. Then I can take you to the 'bending machine' at the YMCA."

On Playing with Girls:
"We're no match for girls. C'mon guys let's guard our palace!"

On Decorating Valentine Cookies:
Boy #1: (dumping a pile of red sprinkles on his cookie) "Wow, check out all these sprinkles."

Boy #2: "It's my turn. Look, I have more sprinkles than you."

Boy #3: "Nuh uh, I have the MOST sprinkles. Look at this..." (finishes off the red sprinkles)

Boy #4: (too busy eating cookies and frosting to bother with sprinkles)

Boy #5: (waits ten minutes until the others have lost interest and goes chair to chair licking up the leftover sprinkles)

On Girlfriends:
"Ewwwwwww, gross!!!"


  1. Only the last comment will change in their next ten years. All the rest will remain the same.