Sunday, February 8, 2009

Watch Out for the Boy!

We sent Daniel's uncle some pictures a while back and he found it interesting that vehicles in Vietnam travel on the right side of the road...except when they don't. More often than not a handful of adventurous (or impatient) people disregard traffic law and drive anywhere they can wedge a motorbike--on sidewalks, between houses, against traffic, through parks, and over curbs. When you add sneaky motorbikes to the mix of sidewalk vendors, street kids, gawking tourists, and other random pedestrians, there isn't much space left to get from point A to point B. We try to take the boys out for walks, but it is a chore. We are forever grabbing Caleb's arm, picking him up, or shouting at him to watch out for the motorbikes. Lately, Daniel has been taking Caleb for walks in the alleys near our house and teaching him how to step out of the way when motorbikes drive by. "Watch out for the motorbike" is becoming something of a mantra in our family.

A couple evenings ago we decided to take the boys out for hamburgers and fries at a local restaurant called "Texas BBQ." (I know, Tex-mex in Vietnam?!? We live in a small and strange world.) After dinner we walked from the restaurant to a nearby grocery store to buy bread. A block or two from the restaurant, Caleb decided to race Daniel. They ran/jogged along the broken sidewalks dodging pedestrians and motorbikes. At some point Caleb decided he was tired of giving up the right of way. As he ran he shouted "Watch out for the boy! Watch out for the boy!" It was a good idea, but not very effective.


  1. Owens, 1 1/2 yrs ago we visited my sister who lives in Port Alsworth, AK. Port Alsworth is a small remote fly-in community on Lake Clark which is surrounded by a National Forest. Main transportation consists of airplanes, and homes are located off two (dirt with a few stones) runways. During our month-long stay when our children were allowed to go somewhere independently we'd warn "watch out for the airplanes!" Living in suburban midwest this is a strange concept. Sue K.

  2. You are bringing back so many memories for me.....dodging the crazy bikes and other traffic with two young children in tow. We ate at Texas BBQ too!