Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blog Design

Thanks for your patience as I've fiddled with the design of my blog. I'm still learning how blogging works and have been trying to find ways to make my blog more accessible and interesting. I have just finished the last face lift for a while. I've added a list of topics so you can skip to the parts that most interest you. For instance, if you came looking for cute stories about the boys or recent pictures of them, just click on "kids" under the list of topics. If you want to wade through my reactions to whatever I've been reading, click "literature." For more about Vietnam, click "Vietnam." You get the idea.

I've also added a list of blogs that I like to read and a link to a blogging network called "High Calling Blogs." If you are interested in reading more from people who love Christ and try to glorify him through their writing, feel free to click on the box. Thanks again for bearing with me. I think I'm finished tinkering for a while.


  1. Heather, oh how I love to tinker! So I'm with you on that. : )

    Just stopping in to say a quick hello and Welcome to High Calling Blogs.

  2. Tinkering with a blog--weirdest thing to apologize for... ever. :)