Sunday, November 9, 2008


I thought I would report back on a couple previous blog posts. You may remember Caleb's gecko (see the October 7th post). Well, apparently booster-seat-buffet didn't agree with him. I thought he was just getting cocky, holding his ground and staring us down. It seems, though, that he had eaten himself into a stupor. His reflexes weren't what they used to be and he was stuck making the best of open ground.

His demise came prematurely. Daniel asked me to jot down an address in Vietnamese as he was leaving to pick someone up from the airport. I was struggling to remember all the little Vietnamese accent marks and grabbed a seat at the table to focus my efforts. I can only imagine what must have flashed across the poor gecko's mind as he saw my end (and thus his own end) looming large. In any event, he was too immobilized by weeks of cracker crumbs, dried up rice, and spilled pasta to avoid catastrophe. The gecko passed without a sound. I didn't even realize what had happened until after Daniel left and I was setting the table for dinner guests. I must confess that the only prayer offered in memoriam was a quick "good riddance."

We've also established a new name for the bulb aspirator. At bedtime last night, Caleb was crying and pleading with me to get him the "squishy rice nose." Needless to say, I was at a loss. Squishy rice nose...? I tried giving him the Mr. Potato head nose, but he only wailed at a higher pitch and managed a few big tears. I racked my brain to think of anything nose related and finally hit upon the bulb aspirator. I had cleaned the boys' room earlier and put the aspirator back in the drawer where it belonged. I found it again and handed it to Caleb. The wailing promptly gave way to a big grin. Phew!

I think that covers updates for the time being. A fight just broke out over the wooden shape sorter. I should probably go moderate.

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  1. Funny, I just pulled a squishy rice nose out from under my couch cushion.