Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Daily Commandments

I fear that I am a legalist at heart. I like rules. I like to keep them and I like to make them. I've tried to break myself of this habit but to no avail. I will never be a rebel.

These days I make rules right and left. With two boys, there is plenty of opportunity. Here are the latest additions around our house:

No building campfires in the living room.

No chewing television cords, phone cords, fan cords, or any other variety of cord.

No using Mom's pumpkin candle for a campfire.

No chewing Mom's sandals, shoes, slippers, sneakers, or any other variety of footwear.

No lighting a campfire on the patio.

No chewing holes in books or sucking on the covers till they disintegrate.

No putting keys or pens in Mom's coffee.

No sticking playdoh in your nose.

No sticking playdoh in your brother's nose.

No lighting campfires with candles.

No chewing on Mom.

Arggggh! No campfires, period! And no chewing either unless it involves Toasty O's or teething rings.


  1. Those sound pretty reasonable to me!

  2. That's great! I especially get a kick out of the continual campfire ones! ;)