Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Hiatus

Hello again. I'm back from an unplanned three-month hiatus. There wasn't a reason for the long silence. I just got distracted by life and its many demands. Friends often ask how we are adjusting to being back in the States. I never have a good answer to that question because part of adjusting (or readjusting) is disequilibrium. Whenever I move to a new place or adjust to a new/old culture, I lose my sense of balance for a while. It takes a few months before I can move beyond just living and be able to process the experience or write about it. Maybe this explains my inability to blog over the past few months. In any case, I hope to return to writing and keeping in touch with all of you. I've missed you.


  1. We've missed you, too!! Welcome back.

  2. Your readers have missed you, too. Welcome back and happy birthday!