Saturday, August 8, 2009

Up and Running

Phew! Our shipment arrived from Vietnam and (several new parts later) Daniel finally has my computer back up and running. Now I have no excuse for neglecting to write except, of course, a grassy lawn, sunny days, and two little boys.

I thought I would include some pictures below of our new home. We feel so blessed to be living here. Our unit is part of a complex that is reserved for missionaries temporarily living back in the States. When we arrived, it was fully furnished and decorated. There were dishes in the cabinets and a few staples in the refrigerator. The couple who take care of our unit and function as landlords even found a fun cowboy quilt for Caleb's bed. It was a nice touch especially given his latest Toy Story phase (for a while he dragged his Buzz and Woody dolls everywhere). I didn't get pictures of the boy's room because they were napping, but here is the rest of the house.

Front entrance/Living room

Kitchen/Dining room

Basement/Family Room
(This was before all of the boys' toys arrived. Imagine a LOT more clutter.)

Our Bedroom

There is one extra bedroom and the room that the boys are sharing. There is also a laundry/storage room in the basement, but I can't imagine you would find that very interesting. As always, our home is open to friends passing through. We would love to have you visit.

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  1. Heather, it looks as nice as Jill said it was, can't wait to get the time to come visit. I'll leave the girls home, they are not the best with light carpet, I just hope the boys will like me without them. love you guys lots judy