Friday, May 1, 2009

Loving Our Brother

The conversation went something like this...

Caleb: "I just want to love my brother."

Me: "No, Caleb, not right now."

Caleb: "But I just waaaaaant to!"

Me: "No. No loving your brother today."

I'm guessing this will require some explanation. Let me give you a picture of what "loving his brother" looks like. It starts with a relatively innocent kiss on the cheek which progresses into a loud, slobbery smack. This is accompanied by a hug around the neck. The hug morphs into a strangle-hold and then a take-down. Occasionally hair pulling or face patting (aka. slapping) is also involved. The simple display of affection inevitably degenerates into a shrieking, arm-flailing, laughing, sometimes crying, tangled heap of boys. It always ends with me rescuing Nathan (or occasionally, Caleb) from the knot. Needless to say, Caleb is temporarily prohibited from loving his brother. He can take it up again when Nathan is big enough to love back (or when we have carpeted floors).


  1. So funny! I know exactly what you're talking about here. My daughter likes to "love" my son. It tends to resemble an MMA fight than anything else.

  2. [snort] "No. No loving your brother today." Hilarious. Also closely related to "Don't share that with your sister." "Don't brush sister's hair with that." and "No helping your sister walk."

  3. Hilarious! Wow, how nice of Caleb to love him so much, lol. ;)