Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Six Quirky Things

I was "tagged" this morning. In the blogging world this means that I've been asked by a friend to write about a specific topic. The topic is "six quirky things about myself." Hmmm...only six? Let's see...

#1. I have two great fears in life--talking on the telephone and driving on the highway. Actually, I have the same problem with both. I don't know how to get on and I don't know how to get off. Believe it or not, I plan out phone conversations. The closer I am to the person, the rougher the plan. For instance, if I'm calling my mom I may only think of a handful of things I want to tell her. On the other hand, if I'm calling friends to invite them to dinner, I'll think through the conversation in advance with a contingency plan for the answering machine. I'm really thrown for a loop when someone calls me.

Driving in highway traffic is just as terrifying. I grip the wheel at ten and two praying desperately that God will part the sea as I come careening down the entrance ramp. Getting off is even worse. I ended up in Indiana one time trying to get from Wheaton to O'Hare airport mostly because all of the exits looked too intimidating. I will go to great lengths to avoid driving on major highways (including spending an extra hour stopped at red lights every two blocks). When I know I can't avoid highway driving, I get an ulcer anticipating it. It's the thing I fear most about returning to the United States someday. Blast Roosevelt and Eisenhower and their interstate highway system!

#2. I dread hair cuts. You never know what you're going to walk out with. I normally carry a ball cap in my bag so that I don't have to run from door to door secret-agent style. It always takes me a week or so to reconcile myself to a haircut, even when it's just a trim.

#3. I have a forked tongue. (Yes, forked, kind of like a snake.) I was tongue-tied when I was born and still have a little slit in my tongue to show for it.

#4. I am completely inept at anything involving numbers. I haven't balanced a checkbook in over a decade. When I was working and had to choose an investment plan for my retirement funds, I played "eany meany miny moe" with the informational brochure. Daniel has tried to explain our budget multiple times. In the end we decided that putting all the household money in an envelope each month was the best solution. When it's gone, it's gone. I can live with that.

#5. I love butter. REAL butter. A little bread is okay too.

#6. I am a compulsive hand washer. When I am cooking, I usually wash my hands about 300 times. The routine goes something like this: Crack an egg, wash my hands. Beat the egg, wash my hands. Toss the shell, wash my hands... You get the idea. Needless to say, my hands are perpetually dry, red, and cracked. I have to go on vacation and spend a week eating out for them to rehydrate.

Phew! I think that covers it. I'm not sure how "tagging" works, so those of you who also write blogs are off the hook for now.


  1. Great job! And I loved learning these things about you. Thanks for being willing to share. :)

  2. I"ve got tears coming down after reading this! Other than the forked tongue, I felt like I was reading about myself, especially with driving and phone conversations.